What’s up guys here is some information about top flagship smartphones  that are going to release in 2020 why these smartphones are flagship killer know more 

Top flagship Smartphones That Are Releasing in 2020

from the top flagship smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro Galaxy Note 10  oneplus 7T and pixel 3 2019 has already seen some of the very compelling smartphones, but the best smartphones are  coming in 2020 speaking of 2020 details are already

emerging about the top flagship smartphones an amazing spot phone from Samsung  apple. Microsoft Motorolai and other smartphone companies. So in this Post, I’m going to show you the most expensive. Phones that are going release in 2020 

Here Are Top Flagship smartphones

Microsoft Surface  Duo 

Top flagship Smartphones That Are Releasing in 2020

Microsoft is actually making a surface phone with two screens and which runs Android Phone features appear of Gorilla Glass covered 5.6 inch display is joined by a hinge down the middle not truly a foldable in that the screen themselves don’t bend brother. They can rotate 360 degrees. So you

can use the device in several different orientations. This phone is powered by Snapdragon 855, but it is releasing in the middle of 2012. By that time this processor will become outdated still there is a lot of time for Microsoft to refine and improve the service duo design before it hits the market alongside The larger surface we might be called it top flagship smartphones 

 Apple IPhone 12 

Top flagship Smartphones That Are Releasing in 2020

Apple iPhone 12 Is Here  the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and Pro ma Already Top Flagship smartphones and just came out and yes, there are already rumors beginning to break about iPhone 12 due out next year. In fact, reports surrounding Apple’s Next Generation hands of started to make headlines. So what you are expecting in the

upcoming iPhone 12 series new design that finally shared the iPhone. You’ve done has Define apples hands and for the past three years according to a lessor been jerking. The models will even did the not entirely embedding apples true depth camera

system right into the narrow top bezel for the more there is a good chance that the range-topping 2020 – will support while Apple’s next iPhone are a year away at this point. We should only have to wait until the spring before we begin to have a pretty clear idea of what the company is planning.

Samsung Galaxy S11  Series 

Top flagship Smartphones That Are Releasing in 2020

Two smartphones for the Samsung Galaxy S Series. It’s never too early to start thinking about the next year’s phone and we are getting ever closer to the rumored launch date of the next Galaxy S models, which is expected to be February 18 2020. So what

to expect from the upcoming Galaxy S11 series the rumors are not quite so clear at this stage, but it seems like Samsung will focus on the camera for this version of its A shape specifically Samsung’s rumored to be working on a wall not a Tammy

cameras the main shooter for the Galaxy S11. The new phone could also add in spectrometer, which would let you point the camera the foot to duty to remind its nutritional content and its nutritional value. This is a unique feature that the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will have things 

Motorola Razr 2019 Foldable

Top flagship Smartphones That Are Releasing in 2020

Motorola could reintroduce a razor as a foldable phone given that the Motorola didn’t make a peep about the device during Mobile World Congress and subsequently squash all razor related rumors

around the time of the budget G7 series launched recently a report emerged in the late September that the phone was still on track for 2009 generally is now the Motorola set the date for number 13

event in Send release and all the clues in that invitation point to of foldable phone. There are few details available about the razor outside of the journals report that the hands it would be released

in a limited run exclusion varies on and the cost of this phone will be $1,500. If we go with the course Motorola wants to make this phone affordable by powering this phone with a mid-range processor so they can reduce the cost $1,500 for a foldable phone from Motorola

So guy’s these are killer top flagship smartphones that are coming in 2020 what you think about these killer smartphones let me know comments you can check out our latest article by clicking here


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