Huawei harmony OS what is huawei plans how it work everything about harmony OS will Explain you all you need to know about this Operating system let’s Begin,

Harmony OS Explained How Huawei Manage Everything

So finally Huawei has launched their OS in China but what we expect from huawei Harmony OS that harmony os is will work same like android actually huawei OS a step forward from Android os yes guys harmony os will work well then android and

why huawei do that know cause huawei don’t want to make OS same like android note this point so huawei now Target the upcoming killer OS fuchsia yes guy’s huawei actually Target The Upcoming Google Fuchsia OS yes google is making Fuchsia OS so that’s why huawei thought that android will be Old and few years so why we should make a system like android let’s forward   

Harmony OS Features 

Harmony OS Features

So huawei used micro karnal technology in harmony OS so some basic features are placed in the main karnal so if we talk about the power then all the devices are required power all power documentation comes in the main karnal so if we talk about the other features like watches have display features and smartphones have a display and cameras and microphones so all the features will written 

in micro karnal then separately that all features will set in the up lawyer So what benefit we get from it at this moment software developers are those who make softwares when they making softwares they know that we are making this software for which device mobile or watch note this point also but in future when software developers are make softwares they won’t see

that we are making this software for mobiles or watches they only see that we are making this software for anything but must have these facilities like if I’m a software developer my software need a screen and processor then i will select these things so my software automatically will make for watches and mobile’s tablets and laptops because in every product we get display 

And if you’re another developer if your software Requirement a camera so in all the camera devices this software will work automatically and other advantage is that for example if you’re using mobile and you don’t want to use the camera of your mobile if you have another digital camera in which already installed Harmony OS So you can use your digital camera as a your smartphone main camera means your digital camera will connect in your Mobile 

for example if someone is video calling when you’re using mobile  so suddenly you realised that you don’t want to receive calls on mobile you so you can receive this call on your  LCD TV because essentially when you make a software and you write it’s for display and camera so in TV have display and other all features and tensions Huawei will handle it in the Harmony OS 

Harmony OS device 

how Harmony

And other the main interesting thing is that google Fuchsia OS which will be released soon in the future but google is not show it properly but huawei have already showed out  harmony os and also announced that they will release a product with harmony os unfortunately we don’t know yet about that device name but it’s confirmed that it will be Honor device which is the sub Brand of huawei if we see leaks and rumors the first device will be smart TV so in this device we will get Harmony os  according to huawei in few months you will see the harmony os in laptops tablets and mobiles 

So Friends that’s how huawei manage and huawei is going a step foreword then android We Hope That this information is helpful for you So Friends What You think About Hormony OS share us you feedback


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