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Pubg is banned in Pakistan

Lahore High Court directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to ban the famous game PUBG in Pakistan. Today they have banned it. A Pakistani citizen Faizan Maqsood has filed a petition against this game. Justice Atir Mahmood heard the petition under the board of Lahore High Court. After that, he decided to ban the PUBG game in Pakistan and directed PTA to do so.

A few days ago, Jordan telecommunication authority banned Pubg in Jordan as well. As they claimed that this game has a very negative impact on its users.

Along with Pakistan and Jordan, this game is also banned in Gujrat (a state of India), Aceh (Indonesian province), Nepal and Iraq. Due to this game, many youngsters have lost their lives. While many have got mental issues.

Will this court order stay for long or it will be lifted as there are too many players of this game in Pakistan and they will definitely strike against this decision.



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