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Another Hareem Shah scandal. This time with Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed!


In that leaked video call, Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed were talking on a video call. In which the audience can clearly see Sheikh Rasheed talking to her.

In pas days, Hareem Shah went to parliament house by opening the door via kicking by her feet. Which caused great dramatic scene on social media platform. People were questioning how did she reached there? and that she should be questioned. But at the end, nothing happened at all..

If we go further back, Hareem Shah was firing on a road side like it is nothing. She really was enjoying that moment as it was clearly seen in that leaked footage of her.

On several occasions, her scandalous videos were leaked in the near past which made her too much famous not only in Pakistan, but also in other countries.

Hareem Shah Doing Job In UAE

After her admission did not get confirmed in any University of MBA in the USA and Canada, Hareem Shah started working as a secretary in Dubai. Her job was to stay in the Ocean on a yacht with her Sheikh Boss. Her salary was 5000 US Dollars. But now she is back.


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