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Hareem Shah Leaked Her call With Fayaz Ul Hasan Chohan

Hareem Shah, The Pakistani TikTik Star is really becoming a Headache for the Pakistani politicians. A few days ago, she leaked her private video call with Pakistan Railway Minister, Sheikh Rasheed. Click here to watch that video. While now she has released another personal video call. But this time the person is, Fayaz Ul Hasan Chohan.

Fayaz Ul Hasan Chohan is a big name of politics in Pakistan. In the leaked video call with Hareem Shah, he was trying to convince her not to give any interview to media as they will spit out words from her mouth.

It is among the most shocking scandals of Hareem Shah as she is able to contact the big politicians. It is not easy for a common man to even talk to them fr a minute. This clearly indicates that Hareem Shah is really a very big and famous star now.

What is your opinion about this scandal? Is it good the Pakistani politics? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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