Is Galaxy S10 Still Worth It in 2020?

Galaxy S10 has been upgraded to the same One UI 2 software, so you aren’t being left behind when it comes to software features that started with the S20. Due to Samsung’s commitment to three decades of upgrades for a lot of its phones, it is also possible to anticipate software updates to maintain rolling in till 2022. The Snapdragon 855 processor and 8GB of RAM are much more than capable for anything you will need to do, and the battery life will hold up to everyone but the most hardcore users.

Other regions of the encounter, such as the screen and hardware design, feel contemporary on the S10 though they aren’t the latest and greatest Samsung has to offer. You are also getting the same base-level features like water resistance, wireless charging, fast charging, and a microSD card slot. The S10 even offers something the S20 doesn’t: a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Should I Buy Galaxy S10 In 2021?

The only place the Galaxy S10 shows that the age is in the cameras since Samsung really took a large step forwards with the S20’s shooters both back and front. The Galaxy S10 isn’t very capable in low-light scenes, and its own telephoto camera is nowhere near as competent as the S20’s. The ultra-wide and front-facing cameras are more comparable but off the pace of the latest devices. Altogether you are going to get good — and very consistent — camera performance, but it just isn’t going to feel like a bleeding-edge device in that respect.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner. The huge shopping event occurs between October 13 and 14, and if history tells us anything, we are bound to find a lot of Samsung hardware get discounted.

While not confirmed as of yet, it’s fully expected that the entire Galaxy S10 lineup must find some type of further savings during Prime Day. In other words, if you’re thinking about picking up one of the phones, it could be worth holding off just a tiny bit longer and viewing exactly what Samsung offers during Amazon’s big event.

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