LG Prime 2 Review

LG Prime 2 is an AT&T budget smartphone. Costing just $120, the telephone delivers a 5.45-inch HD+ screen, Snapdragon 425 SOC, 13-megapixel principal camera, and 3000mAh battery. The Prime 2 runs Android 9 Pie from the box.

Repaid telephones are often no-frills and straightforward, but a few of the most recent prepaid versions are bucking this trend. The LG Prime, by way of instance, is the very first touch-screen phone we have seen on AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone network. It will not substitute a smartphone, but it will have fundamental multimedia features such as a 2-megapixel camera, a music player, and you’ll be able to examine your email on it. LG Prime 2 is available for a very affordable with no contract.

LG Prime 2 pros :

The LG Prime 2 includes a customizable home display, a vibrant screen, intuitive controls, a music player, a 2-megapixel camera, an HTML Web browser, Bluetooth, and decent call quality.

LG Prime 2 cons :

The LG 2 Prime’s touch screen is somewhat slow, its camera picture quality is fair, and browsing full HTML pages isn’t a smooth experience.

LG Prime 2 Design :

If you are familiar with LG touchscreen telephones, you may feel a little bit of deja vu if you look at the Prime; it seems somewhat like previous LG touchscreen phones like the Vu Plus. Measuring 4.25 inches by 2.08 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick, the Prime includes a simple rectangular design with slightly rounded corners and borders. At only 3.14 oz, the Prime is lightweight for its dimensions, which leads to a somewhat cheap plastic feel in hand.

LG Prime 2 Features :

The Prime 2 also offers a vibrate mode, a speakerphone, text and multimedia messaging, an alarm clock, a calendar, a notepad, a calculator, a world clock, a jobs list, a stopwatch, a tip calculator, and a unit converter. Its additional more-advanced features include a voice recorder, voice control, an FM radio, instant messaging, AT&T’s mobile email, which allows you to assess your email, and Bluetooth. There is also an AT&T Social Net program that provides you with rapid access to social-networking Internet sites like Facebook and Twitter.

LG Prime 2 Display :

Despite its cheap texture, the Prime’s vivid and lively display impressed us. Its 3-inch display has a 400×240-pixel resolution and will display 262,000 colors, which LG cleverly reveals off with its shaded icons and vibrant menu interface. You may adjust the size and color of these dialing fonts in addition to the overall font size of this cellphone’s text. You could even fix the phone’s brightness and backlight timer.

The Prime includes a resistive touch screen. Like many jazzy touch screens, it needs a little more stress when tapping when using a touch-screen –resistive displays aren’t quite as precise, either. Nevertheless, you can go via a calibration wizard to assist your taps to be accurate, and there is sound and vibration feedback as well if you would like to have more confirmation that it’s filed your touch. We warn you if you are utilized to capacitive displays like that on the iPhone, then you may discover the relative sluggishness of the Prime’s touch display, testing your patience.

The Prime includes a house display much like this about the Vu Plus so that you may customize it in a widgets menu across the show’s bottom. By tapping the tiny arrow on the right, you can pick someone of eight widgets to set on the monitor. But you are restricted to just eight and are not permitted to add your configurations. Apart from the device, along the display base are four shortcuts into the telephone dialer, the telephone book, the messaging in-box, and the primary menu.

The telephone dialer has a tremendous roomy digital keypad with shortcuts into the speakerphone, voice control, current call history, and contacts listing. In terms of text messaging, the telephone automatically shows a landscape virtual QWERTY keyboard once you make a new message. The computer keyboard is amazingly broad; however, its text input area is comparatively modest in comparison. You could even decide to input text via the alphanumeric keypad in portrait style.

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