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Top 6 Upcoming Smartphones will launch in 2020 from February to April

What’s Up guy’s all the smartphones companies are growing up in 2020 the smartphones companies will launch their amazing smartphones and they mostly focusing on giving maximum at the minimum price in this post I‘ll show you top 6 upcoming smartphones that will launch in February to April 2020 with amazing new unique features everything you need to know about these top 6 Upcoming Smartphones Let’s Begin 

List of Top 6 upcoming smartphones 

1. Huawei P40 Lite

Huawei P40 Lite which is the global version of Huawei Nova 6 standard edition and this smartphone Expected to be Release on February 2020 this phone comes with 6.4 inches screen which is an IPS LCD display with full HD plus resolution powered by silicone kirin 810 chipset with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal storage

for photography this phone comes with quad rear camera which 48 megapixel plus 8 megapixel plus 2 megapixel plus 2 megapixel to shoot amazing pictures with four quad cameras and with 16 megapixel of selfie camera and the battery comes with 4200 mAh with super fast charging support and price of this phone is Expected to be 300$ to 350$ in the international markets   

2. Oppo Reno 3 Pro

the most awaited Smartphone in 2020 is the Oppo Reno 3 pro and this smartphone will be announced in the month of December 2019 and available for purchase in the month of February 2020 and the most special things is that Oppo Reno 3 Pro Will Support 5G Technology and powered by snapdragon Chip-set with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal Storage 

The Oppo Reno 3 Pro Comes with 6.5 inches super AMOLED display which is a curved display that gives amazing display View if we talk about the cameras this smartphone comes with four Quad Rear Cameras 48 megapixel Plus 13 Megapixel plus 8 megapixel plus 2 Megapixel and Front 32 megapixel which comes with Punch Hole Display and battery comes with 4025 mAh battery which supports quick charge Expected Price OF This Phone is 600$ in The international markets 

3. Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Announced it New Smartphone Galaxy A71 which is Expected to Released On February 19 2020 Galaxy A71 will comes with snapdragon 730 chip-set and with 6 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of internal storage 6.7 inches super AMOLED display with Full Hd Plus Resolution For The photography this smartphone comes with four quad cameras which is 64 megapixel plus 12 megapixel plus 5 megapixel plus 5 megapixel that will take amazing images and for selfies 32 megapixel of selfie camera

with punch hole Display and this smartphone comes with 4000 mAh of battery which support Super Fast charging The Expected Price Of This Smartphone around 550$ in the international markets 

4. Vivo X30 Pro

Vivo has Already Announced it’s new X30 Series in which it going to launch two smartphones Vivo X30 And Vivo X30 Pro and Vivo X30 Pro Is Expected To Release on February or march 2020 in Vivo X30 Pro Vivo used Exynos 9 octa Core Processor Which is Powered by Samsung which is an 5G Integrated chip-set Vivo X30 Pro comes with 8 Gigabyte Of Ram And 128 Gigabyte of internal Sotrage 

this phone comes with huge 6.9 inches super Amoled Display with Full Hd Plus Resolution for the images Vivo X30 Pro Comes with a huge quad rear camera setup consisting 60 Megapixel Sensor plus 13 megapixel plus 13 megapixel plus 12 megapixel truly it gives you amazing picture quality and with 32 megapixel camera for taking amazing selfies and for battery it comes with 4000 mAh Of Battery with Super Fast Charging The Expected Price Of This Phone is 650$ in The International Markets 

5.Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

The Most Powerful Version Of Xiaomi mi 10 is mi 10 pro Expected To be Release April or may 2020 The Mi 10 Pro will be powered by Snapdragon 855 + Chip-set with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 Gigabyte Of Internal Storage it comes with waterfall display of 6.7 inches which is an IPS LCD display Comes with a quad Hd That is 2k Resolution which really great 

if we talk about the cameras it comes with a huge camera module which takes amazing pictures and gives you incredible quality Comes with Triple Camera Setup 108 Megapixel Plus 16 megapixel Plus 20 megapixel And 20 megapixel of selfie camera for battery this phone comes with 4000 mAh battery with super fast quick charging support Mi 10 Pro Expected Price is 700$ in the international markets 

6. Huawei Nova 6

Huawei nova 6 is expected to be release in the month of February 2020 huawei nova 6 will be powered by Silicon Kirin 995 Chip-set with 8 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of internal storage it will have of 6.3 inches display which is an super amoled display with full hd plus Resolution and huawei nova 6 will support 5G Connectivity the rear cameras is four quad camera setups 60 megapixel plus 16 megapixel plus 2 megapixel Plus 2 megapixel 

the another exciting thing About this phone it is having a dual punch hole Display Camera 32 megapixel Plus 12 Megapixel dual Front Cameras coming to battery it will have 4000 mAh battery with Super Fast Charging support expected Price Of This Is Around 450$ To 500$ in then international markets 

So These Are Top 6 Upcoming Smartphones of 2020 and these are amazing powerful camera smartphones that are coming in the month of February to April Are you Waiting for these Top 6 Upcoming Smartphones if you have any other phone in your mind please leave A Comment to make sure share this post with your friends I hope this article is helpful for you.


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