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In Lahore, Another Woman Slapped and Abused a Traffic Warden – Video Viral

In the incident in Lahore, a traffic warden stopped a woman for parking in the wrong parking lot, which caused the woman to set fire to her. One user shared a video of the incident on social media.

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The woman had earlier hit the wrong parking lot when the traffic warden stopped her, the user wrote.
The video shows the woman being threatened with a hand-to-hand confession. Besides, the woman can be seen as being abused.

As well as threatening the traffic warden by calling someone, she says, “If I make a call, your job will go away, your uniform will go down.”

The video clearly shows that the traffic warden did not misbehave, he is only doing his duty.

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Remember, this is not the first such incident in Pakistan. A similar incident occurred in Karachi some time ago when a woman who had abused the traffic warden. So we were also seen in this video being abused by the traffic officer.

While one incident occurred in Islamabad, where the woman was forced to go to the closed road due to the lockdown, the incident went viral on social media.

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One thing that all three cases have in common is that the women in these cases belong to an influential family. This is the reason why such people walk on the streets and despise other people, which is why such incidents occur.

The TWITTER account of THE DIG Operations Lahore confirmed that the case was registered in Thana Gulberg, which included 186,353,290,291 cases.


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In Lahore, Another Woman Slapped and Abused a Traffic Warden – Video Viral

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