Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) Review

Galaxy J7 Crown presents irresistible features like a 5.5-inch display, 13MP camera, plus a speedy processor.

Even though critics praised critics due to their high-end goods, Samsung drops briefly over other brands like Motorola in regards to low-tier mobiles.

This time we provide Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, another reasonably priced phone from Samsung. Is it a telephone providing fantastic value for the money? Let us find out.

But first, let us do a fast overview. Galaxy J7 Crown includes a promising screen set up: a 5.5-inch HD.

The camera is not easy to withstand 13 Megapixels for both the rear camera and front camera.

Key Specs


Concerning layout, we want J7 Crown at least seems better than cheaper versions inside the Galaxy J series.

The distinction is quite large.

We anticipate at J7 Crown includes a more costly physical characteristic. Rather, the two phones look the same right down to the positioning of keys and vents, apart from the dimensions.

Generally speaking, it is a gorgeous layout, and Samsung has done a great job of making an elegant layout from plastic stuff. The front is included of this 5.5-inch screen, Samsung emblem over it, along with the speaker.

Also, there are some detectors (proximity and ambiance), in addition to the front camera at the top. Meanwhile, three bodily buttons are arranged side by side and also occupy the bottom location.

The matte black gives a pleasant and tender grip when holding the telephone.

The general body of this smartphone itself isn’t heavy at 181 g, yet not too light so that it seems cheap. With just 76 millimeters in diameter, the telephone can also be comfortable to manage.

Galaxy J7 Crown includes a little monitor to body ratio, approximately 75%. It is understandable since this phone is introduced when the infinity screen was a characteristic of high-end telephones only.

Nonetheless, this is what we enjoy about Samsung mobiles: whenever the display is switched off, you can hardly see the border between the bezel and the screen. For this reason, you will observe the front surface is black.


As stated in the review, Galaxy J7 Crown Includes a 5.5-inch HD TFT screen. It is not bad at all, and inquiring more looks unfair considering the cost.

A 5.5-inch screen is large with today’s standard, even with many telephones hitting 6 inches and much longer. It is a sweet place for people like large screens or another group who’d rather have a screen that fits in the hands.

It’s possible to browse the telephone with one hand easily. But you may want to extend your thumb somewhat when hitting the far corner of the screen (or you may use one-handed mode attributes ).

The larger screen also means more room to see programs, pictures, and pictures. Watching YouTube movies and playing games, as an instance, is a nice encounter with J7 Crown. Since J7 Crown additionally supports multi-window, the screen has sufficient space for 2 programs opening simultaneously on a single display.

Aside from the size, screen quality is sufficient. It isn’t an AMOLED display, but the screen is bright without straining eyes. There are just a few pixelated edges should you look close enough, but it is something ordinary users won’t detect most of the time.

Viewing angles is fairly great also. When seen from the 90-degree angle, the sharpness does not decrease drastically. Contents on the screen remain readable and look vibrant.


Galaxy J7 Crown camera power lies on both front and rear cameras, both in 13MP.

This can be a remarkable installation coming from Samsung; they generally cut back on camera regarding their budget.

Because of this, here we’ve got a camera that provides more than adequate outcomes. Images are not the very best, but it is less grainy and noisy than small priest Galaxy J3 Orbit.

Overexposure issues persist. However, the camera also includes HDR style to balance the bright and dark place on a photo.

Another difficulty includes J7’s camera; at times, it provides underexposure outcomes. This means we’ve got to flip the’so-called brightness manually. A lot of details will not be concealed under shadows.

But overall, it is not a large problem, particularly with the assistance of a guided manner.

Changing into the front camera is as simple as flipping the display (swipe and swipe ). The front camera essentially has the same lens with a marginally smaller aperture.

The 13 MP does not disappoint in providing great selfies. Pictures come out glowing, and because the camera also includes a skin-smoothing attribute, results come better than what we anticipated.

Samsung also provides some fascinating bits on the camera interface. Added features like decals add more pleasure to the general experience, but honestly, we do not see how frequently people would utilize this attribute.

There’s also the conventional panorama mode. The two cameras can have a complete HD 1080p videos for video recording, yet another wonderful surprise in Galaxy J7 Crown.


We could not help but frustrated considering J7 Crown’s inner storage. In 16 GB, this number may easily diminish after installing a couple of large games.

We had expected that with the rising cost of J3 Orbit, Samsung additionally raises the built-in storage capacity.

The maximum power permitted is 400 GB. It is quite a large number, but it still means we need to pay additional as an SD card isn’t included in the purchase price.

It may not be an issue for many folks, but for those that are really tight on funding, it means additional spending.


The chip turns out to be dependable, as Exynos 7884 is your processor Samsung use in their mid-size lineup, for example, Galaxy A Series.

This octa-core chip runs daily tasks easily. Multitasking is easy. Navigating between programs is snappy and includes small lags when there’s any lag, large chance it’s brought on by the restricted RAM rather than by the chip itself.

The majority of the moment, RAM will not hinder a lot of the functionality, provided that not too many programs are launching in the backdrop. However, obviously, at this price tag, this really is the best we could buy for RAM.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Exynos 7884 includes GPU Mali-G71 because of the picture processor. This means that the phone can manage some 3D gaming very well.

Loading image-focused programs and pages can be carried out fast. If you plan to obtain a pocket-sized entertainment center aside from a communication apparatus, J7 Crown might become your option for under $100.

Concerning the software functionality, we discover that the launcher does not make the telephone go any slower. Some might assert that Samsung’s version of Android is a lot easier to learn for newly-using Android apps.

This is accurate to a degree. The user interface is simple and simple to learn. But some folks could discover the preinstalled programs to be too overpowering.

Moving from 1 program to another is fast.

Menus and configurations are easily available. Samsung programs, like Notes and Gear, will help daily jobs significantly. As stated before, the multi-window feature may also boost productivity.

Last, moving to detectors, Galaxy J7 Crown includes face recognition. Initially, we anticipated this phone to include fingerprints, but biometrics face recognition proves to be a great compromise. Setting up it was also straightforward.

It is wonderful to have it for additional security. Those would be the conventional detectors for phones today.


The telephone still supports 2G also. Generally, J7 Crown includes a fantastic call quality. There is no problem with reception.

Voice seems crisp and clear, particularly since the speaker is situated ergonomically in addition to the screen, where users could place their ears when phoning.

In terms of Wi-Fi, linking to an accessible network was fast enough. Wi-Fi additionally supports Wi-Fi Direct and cellular hotspot. It is not a large problem as Bluetooth v4.2 nevertheless does its job nicely.

No USB Type-C, too with this version, link to charging interface or a pc remains with micro USB. This telephone also does not have NFC.

GPS is more reliable to use. Looking for a place is fast, and as a result of its huge display, navigation using Goggle Maps isn’t a tough job to do. As a wonderful improvement, Samsung still equips Galaxy J7 Crown using FM radio along with a headset jack.


Galaxy J7 Crown runs onto a 3,300 mAh battery, a decent capacity thinking about the massive HD display this phone has. A larger battery might appear remarkable, but in the 3,300 mAH, it is not bad in any way, as well as it makes sense price-wise.

On the evaluation, a complete battery can last up to 1 day and 20 hours based on this Device Maintenance tab onto the telephone’s Settings. However, this quote likely applies only when the telephone is set on standby.

If you don’t insist upon a removable battery, then it is not a problem worth worrying about.

It is difficult not to be biased about this Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown inspection when studying the specs relative to this cost. At under $100, we could assert that J7 Crown is most likely the finest Samsung budget telephone, it is possible to get.

What is irresistible can also be the TracFone cost. When TracFone sells this mobile for $99.99, we would say it is an excellent thing.

But note that J7 Crown isn’t by any means ideal. Performance isn’t the best when compared with Moto G6, for instance. Additionally, Internal storage capacity could be improved.

For many folks, Samsung bloatware and preinstalled programs could function as nothing but a hassle. These are a few significant issues of J7 Crown. If you believe that you can tolerate the downsides, J7 might be the ideal alternative for you.

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