Samsung galaxy note 11 release date features and the most new unique features of galaxy note 11 everything is so far high and killer smartphone it will be 

So Samsung Is going to Removing the bezels on smartphones is likely to build cameras into the screen And Its Step Samsung might be ready to make as a report suggests that at least one of its 2020 handsets will have an

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Release Date Confirmed
Samsung Galaxy Note 11

in screen camera That’s according to industry Sources Speaking to the elec the site goes on To speculate that the Samsung Galaxy note 11 might be  the first Samsung smartphone in this feature But elsewhere we’ve heard that might not be the case 

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Release Date

According to the universe ice neither of these smartphones will have in screen camera but they agreed that some 2020 Samsung handset well so what does that leave us with well The galaxy note 11 is the other

obvious option if such a handset even launches its possible that Samsung won’t use a flagship phone to trail this new tech it might test something on out lower profile and Samsung galaxy note 11 will be launched in the next year 2020 

so guy’s that’s Samsung Galaxy Note 11 which is coming in 2020 what you think about this Samsung killer smartphone let me know in the comments Stay Tuned

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