Submitting articles to Article Directories

Submitting articles to Article Directories

A lot of have been written about the Importance of submitting articles to Article Directories. Article Directory is a useful source for information on the Internet today.

Many people including journalist, analysts, and writers among others surf different article directories in search of useful information. So if you want to share useful information or for that matter promote your website then submitting articles to such directories is the best solution.

Now the question one need to ask here is how can this help in promoting your website in the Search Engines.

Article directory is an important technique as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. As a web promoter you write the articles and submit them to article directories for approval.

The key factor is that you can add a link back to your website in the resource box of these article directories. So basically if some one on the Internet comes across your article they will have a chance of actually visiting your website through the resource box.

There are thousands of Article directories on the Internet. While submitting your articles to such directories you have to understand different features that will help you in distributing the article in the right way.

Every article directory has a title, article summary, article body whereby you post in the entire article, keywords and most importantly the resource box. Let me show you the resource box I have used for this particular article.

“ Thomas R is the author of this article on “Your website keyword” (Link back the keyword with the URL of your website). Find more information about the subject at (URL of your website)

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If you just check at the bottom of this article you will find my resource box. I have highlighted my primary keyword with the link back to my website.

Likewise you too can write interesting articles that will enhance the readers interest so much so that they will be forced to check out your website link as well.

How many article directories should I submit my article to?

Now this is a very interesting question. I am sure you to must me haunted by this question regularly as to how many article directories you need to submit your article to.

To be frank let me tell you that there is no limit to the number of article directories on the Internet. It will be good for your website and your business if you could submit your article to as many directories as you can.

For quick results you can start submitting your articles to quality article directories that have a high Pr in the Search Engines. However this does not mean that an Article directory with Pr 0 has no value.

One of the important points that you have to consider here is that these directories too will get a Page Rank on their next google Update. So basically it’s a matter of time that your article will be indexed here as well.

However in doing so you have to make sure to avoid submitting your articles to directories that are plagiarized and banned by the Search Engines.

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